2014 R1.1 Inspector Advanced Section - No Gear?

Not sure if anyone is seeing this but I have the same problem on both of my development PCs. While trying to change the font size on a label control I found the forum post mentioning that it had been moved in the inspector and that you should click on the gear at the top to see the “advanced” menu. My gear is gone. I was able to verify in 2013R4 that the gear is there and works but not in 2014R1.1 Anyone else having this issue?


On OS X, i see the Gear and it works as expected

This is correct, since it is a WebControl. There is are no font settings for WebControls. Use Styles.

But you should be able to set a Parent Control :slight_smile:

Not in a web app.

No ?

I was originally working on a Windows desktop app / regular label. This screenshot was a web app (my bad for the wrong screenshot). I was just trying to illustrate the no gear functionality. you have the icon on yours and as you can see mine is an empty box.

I have reported it when 2014r1 was released and it was confirmed.
The gear is visible on apple and linux but not visible on the windows platform when you use floating panels. When you don’t use floating panels it is visible. (Working on windows desktop app)

I’m working on OS X only and the gear icon is not visible neither when using floating panels or not - and I didn’t miss it, how embarrassing is that.

@ Eli Ott
I am working windows only. I noticed the lack of the gear when working on a standalone windows app. When working on a WE app there is also no gear.
When working with docked palettes (within the project window) I can see the gear both for the standalone as the WE app.