2013r4.1 fails on start up with key error (was Previous Version Download Link?)

I’m having severe problems with the current version, Xojo 2013R 4.1, after entering my new renewed licenses it repeatedly crashes just after a project is set up or a current project is loaded.

I’m getting very close to a milestone and this is starting to make me worry. Xojo now refuses to work, at all.

In all honesty I don’t know if a previous version will have the same issue. It’s worth a try though. I really need to continue working.

on the xojo website in the download area there is a link on top right link list for archived versions…

Hi, Christian,

I’ve already looked there but it only shows the last version as being 2012 r2.

I see 2013r3 there for me. Maybe it depends on what version you have license for?
Mabye you email customer support?

I think emailing Customer Support as you have suggested will be the best option.

Thank You for your time.

We’re aware of the issue.
It literally came to light on New Years Day and it turns out that the IDE thinks your license was created in the future.
Hence the error report you submitted.
We believe we can fix this entirely from the back end BUT it may require removing old files (preferences & license files) so new ones can be downloaded
Unfortunately, this same bug exists in all Xojo releases so an older one won’t be of much use.
Reverting to Real Studio won’t suffer from issue this but I have no idea what impact this may have on your project.

Ahh! I do hope a resolution to this can be quick because I cannot go back to RealStudio. In fact going back to RealStudio is absolutely not an option.

Are we talking days/weeks or weeks/months for a fix?


The next version of the IDE is already fixed - and this issue ONLY affects anyone who has updated keys this week (its an edge case that happens to occur this year)

We’re working to make it so you can get back to work ASAP by issuing different keys.

Great news! Here’s hoping the ASAP is literally hours away. If not I’ll have to check again in the morning. It’s 12.45am here in little old England and my pillow is calling me. :slight_smile:

We have fixed Panayiotis’ keys and can do so for anyone else experiencing this issue.