2013R3 What's news ?


Can the beta testers to inform the rest of us, about the new functionality of Xojo 2013/R3 ? I am interesting a lot for the web edition. Does it has any new web control ? What about the IOS version… is it working ?


Beta testers may not reveal upcoming features/bug fixes.

[quote=28713:@Antonis Vakondios]
Can the beta testers to inform the rest of us, about the new functionality of Xojo 2013/R3 ?[/quote]
No they can’t - doing so would get them kicked out of the beta program vas close to immediately as we could manage.

Beta testers are not allowed to discuss the beta on the public forum.

Hi Greg,

Can you provide the web link of the Xojo’s Roadmap and some information for the progress of that ?


@Antonis… They generally don’t roadmap. The best source of public information about what might be coming up (other than their statements in the forums) is the Feedback app. And even then, don’t read too much into information you think is there.

This is not good, if they don’t announce their products’ roadmap . How to be sure that my company’s investment is correct ? About the IOS upcoming version, this is good news, but I am reading these news from the previous December (old forum). So, as a prospect customer that I have spent 3 man-months on that tool, I need to have the information about the roadmap.


Antonis… As a long time customer I’m very comfortable with how they operate. Basically, they have two choices. They can officially lie out their teeth about what they expect to accomplish and when, or they can do as they do, basically keeping the community informed about general direction and delivering when things are useful. The approach they take is much more honest. There is a common argument that if a customers spends $X, well that customer should get promises and dates. In all practical sense, that customer just doesn’t have enough leverage to demand that.

What they do promise and have done a pretty good job sticking to outside the Xojo conversion is the rapid release model, or a new release every 90 days. This generally delivers hundreds of bug fixes, some new incremental features, and occasionally, some significant new stuff. In evaluating Xojo, I’d urge you to look back in history and trust the track record.

I (not being a Beta tester) would say this… (MY OPINION/GUESS)

a) Xojo2013r3 will probably NOT have anything new… I would hope they are spending 100% of their Xojo resources on the IDE and high level bugs.

b) if a product has not already been released (ie. Xojo for iOS). don’t hold your breath. Not saying it won’t show up… just don’t make business plans based on when you “think” it will be available… it might show early… it might show late…

And it may do exactly what you need… or it may take a few releases to get the particular functionality you rely on…

Or it may not turn up at all, which is more likely. R3 will, not doubt, follow the last couple of releases of bug ridden “bug fixes” and document updates.

at least to hope for better documentation … on R3.

We do post progress from time to time on our blog, so be sure to follow it at http://www.xojo.com/blog. Also, XDC (the Xojo Developer Conference, taking place March 26-28 in Las Vegas) is the best place to get information about what’s coming in Xojo and also get access to all of the Xojo engineers and Geoff Perlman. http://www.xojo.com/xdc


avoid to use that kind of title because it is misleading; worst, with Dana as the lastest sender, I really was thinking r3 is out ?

Until I started to read this page :frowning: