2013r2 Web Session

I am about to upgrade a web app from 2012r2.1 to 2013r2. Has anything changed with sessions that I should lookout for ?

I’ve upgraded one of our apps with no issues. There are some very specific WebSession context issues that you can read a bit more on it at https://forum.xojo.com/3541-solved-need-assistance-with-websessioncontext and https://forum.xojo.com/1505-app-worked-in-2012r2-1-but-not-xojo

This may or may not affect you (it didn’t our app).

We’ve had positive results moving our Web apps, and Desktop apps, from Real Studio 2012r2.1 to Xojo 2013r2 when it comes time to compile. As Bob mentioned, it’s best to read up. Testing thoroughly is also advised because WebSessionContext continues to evolve.