20 tips for 2020

Hi all,

Check out my new blog, “20 Signs it’s Time to Rid the Chaos in 2020.” Do you identify with any of these project management issues?



I am receiving a 404 on the above link fyi Susan - Thank you for posting as that seems interesting.




Sorry all! We have a missing database for our WordPress installation. Working on recovering it and hope to have it fixed soon. Once the site is back up, I’ll post here.

We are back up. And a collective sigh of relief that it wasn’t permanent damage. I invite you all to check out the post now: https://beyondthechaos.biz/20-signs-its-time-to-rid-the-chaos-in-2020/

Appreciate your patience!

Ugh - 16, 14, 10, and 2! Every f-ing day.

I’m sure i’ve run into the vast majority of these at the places I’ve worked over the years
Some places had more than others

Write it down. Or better yet, record yourself doing it on screen share and have it transcribed. Save it and the next time you can repeat it.