1st Launch of Xojo on Big Sur

While it was loading I got a message that said uNSIl9.FSWatcher Could be dangerious and gave me option to trash it or ignore it, I ignored it by hitting cancel.

What is uNSIl9.FSWatcher?


I’ve never seen this. Are you running an AntiVirus app?

Or some protection like Acronis?

Running Bitdefender. This was a pop up that offer to send to apple. It was not from BD.

It looks like an app that is installed to monitor what you are installing.
Not Xojo, but something that reacted to Xojo

Like this: ?

I would run TT’s Find Any File app and consider deleting it unless you know what it is doing.
No file of that name exists on my Big Sur machine

Do you happen to have an older einhugur filesystem watcher plugin ?

FileSystemWatcher is a plugin for Xojo to set up file system watches on specific folder or folders.


“uNS” sometimes means unsigned NextStep or something close to it, unsigned coul mean that MacOS will try to block it as hard as it can…:wink:

I do have some of einhugur plugins, do you know what one it would be, I haven’t used anything like that in any of my projects.

Perhaps FileSystemWatcher which is a plugin

FSWatcher is indeed the name of the dylib in the FileSystemWatcher plugin.

You probably got to old version installed which has invalid Code sign for Big Sur. Big Sur is a lot more strict on such.