103 error in socket

ok i got my buddy list working, so i ran the compiler for both the server/client and it works like a charm, but now when my brother uses my client to connect to me he gets a 103 error in the socket. why is this happening?


already read all that

is there a way to get a true IP address? j/w i dont know if that would work either

think it could be the OS im on? windows 7

bad port maybe?


thats what ii thought too but my brother swears he doesnt have a firewall, but i think he does

i turnd off my firewall so we will see

Brandon, are you and your brother on the same network at the same location?

no sir

Ok, so if you’re going to try to send information across an unknown network (like the internet) you’ll need a wY of routing traffic between the two networks. It’s not enough to listen on one private network and try to connect from another.

Services like this typically have a server out on the internet which relays messages between the clients. You could simulate that by opening a port on your internet router and pointing it to your app.

Another solution (if this is just for private use) is to use a service like zerotier to create a virtual private network between you and your brother and connect over that network.