ARGen Now Owned by Tim Parnell

  1. 6 weeks ago

    Bob K

    May 27 Testers, Xojo Pro Kansas City

    Full announcement at

    ARGen, the utility that allows you to create Xojo database ORM classes and generate user interfaces, is now owned by Tim Parnell of Strawberry Software. I'm so pumped to see what Tim is going to do with ARGen. He's worked on it for years as a BKeeney Software consultant so I think you'll be very happy the changes he has in store for this popular product.

    Tim's ARGen landing page:

  2. Mike C

    May 27 Testers, Xojo Pro North Carolina (USA)

    Congratulations @Tim P! Exciting stuff and good luck!

  3. Tomas J

    May 27 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Germany)


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