Screensaver preferences askForPassword, askForPasswordDelay disappear in 10.13

  1. 6 weeks ago

    Olivier C

    May 24 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Belgium, France)


    I need to read a couple of preferences for screen savers: ‘askForPassword' and ‘askForPasswordDelay'

    Up to macOS 10.12 I could retrieve them using

    defaults read

    See plists below.

    I crawled the web, Apple forums, MBS plugins ... but couldn’t find anything. They just vanished...

    Does someone know how to read these 2 values ?

    plist on 10.12


    plist starting from 10.13

  2. Michael D

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro

    Yes but I’m on mobile at the moment so I don’t have code handy. See for related discussion. I’ll follow up when im back at desk.

  3. Olivier C

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Belgium, France)

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks. I already looked at this post but AFAIK they just confirm what I found, they don’t provide solutions.
    iScreenSaver is an app, they don’t provide source code. I’ll have a better look.

    @Michael D I’ll follow up when im back at desk.

    But if you have a solution to read these 2 values, I’m interested !

  4. Michael D

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro

    This is a super ugly hack, but it worked for me. Use with caution, etc.

    Private Function GetLockScreenTimeoutFromKB() as integer
      #if TargetCocoa
        ' hack for finding the value which we used to be able to get from
        ' defaults read askForPasswordDelay
        ' The file where the data was stored was deteremined with these terminal commands
        ' see
        ' sudo -s # get a root shell
        ' touch timestamp
        ' find -x / -newer ~/timestamp >~/changedfiles.txt
        ' bbedit changedfiles.txt
        ' then, the actual byte data was found by making changes in System Preferences 
        ' and comparing before vs. after using
        ' Notes on return values:
        ' - 2 means an error
        '  -1 means the lock screen timeout is disabled
        '  0  means 'immediately'
        '  1+ all other positive values are the timeout in seconds
        #Pragma DisableBackgroundTasks
        dim root as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.UserLibrary
        root = root.child("Keychains")
        dim matches() as FolderItem
        dim dates() as double
        // we are looking for user.kb which is in a folder with a giant hex name
        for i as integer = 1 to root.Count
          dim g as FolderItem = root.item(i)
          if g <> nil and g.exists then
            dim f as FolderItem = g.child("user.kb")
            if f <> nil and f.exists then
              matches.append f
              dates.append f.ModificationDate.TotalSeconds
              system.debugLog(f.ModificationDate.SQLDateTime + " " + f.NativePath)
            end if
          end if
        if matches.Ubound = -1 then
          system.debugLog(CurrentMethodName + " unable to find user.kb file")
          return -2
        end if
        dates.sortWith(matches) ' sort by modification date
        dim f as FolderItem = matches.pop ' get the most recent one
        dim timeout as int32 = GetLockScreenParseKeybag(f)
        return timeout
    End Function
    Private Function GetLockScreenParseKeybag(f as FolderItem) as integer
      #if TargetCocoa
        #Pragma DisableBackgroundTasks
        ' hack for finding the value which we used to be able to get from
        ' defaults read askForPasswordDelay
        ' this parses the keybag file to return the value
        ' see
        'KEYBAG_DATA = '>4sI'
        'KEYBAG_DATA_SIZE = 8
        'KEYBAG_HEADER = '>4sII4sII4sI16s4sI40s4sII4sI20s4sII'
        'KEYBAG_HEADER_SIZE = 148
        dim mb as MemoryBlock = ReadFileIntoMemoryBlock(f)
        system.debugLog "Keybag size " + str(mb.size)
        // quick & dirty method of parsing: find the tag 'GRCE' and then grab the next 4 bytes
        // absence of the GRCE atom seems to indicate that 'immediately' is the setting.
        dim data as string = mb
        ' note: when using strings, positions are 1-based
        dim x1 as integer = data.InStrb("GRCE")
        if x1 = 0 then
          system.debugLog CurrentMethodName + " failed to find GRCE tag, will use 'immediately' as result"
          return 0
          x1 = x1 -1 // zero-based
          system.debugLog CurrentMethodName + " found GRCE tag at " + str(x1)
        end if
        // it's actually bigendian so just use the MemoryBlock
        mb.LittleEndian = false
        dim tagLength as integer = mb.Int32Value(x1+4)
        system.debugLog CurrentMethodName + " GRCE tagLength = " + str(tagLength)
        dim location as integer = x1 + 8 + tagLength - 4
        dim timeout as integer = mb.Int32Value(location)
        select case timeout
        case 2147483647
          timeout = -1  // special value of MAXINT-1 means "Disabled"
        case -2102302411
          timeout = 0 // immediately
        end select
        dim msg as string = "Keybag Values = "
        for i as integer = x1 to x1 + tagLength + 4 -1
          msg = msg + hex(mb.byte(i)) + " "
        system.debugLog msg
        return timeout
    End Function
  5. Olivier C

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Belgium, France)

    Thanks Michael !

    @Michael D but it worked for me

    It works on my dev machine, and on another test system (both Catalina).

    But ... when signed/notarized using AppWrapper3 I get a sandbox violation.

    Sandbox: testScreenSaverP(1886) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/olivier/Library/Keychains
    Violation:       deny(1) file-read-data /Users/olivier/Library/Keychains 

    Do you use it sandboxed ?
    Do you use special entitlements ?

    Thanks !

  6. Michael D

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro
    Edited 6 weeks ago

    I suspect this will not work on Catalina (and perhaps not Mojave) due to increased security restrictions. Can you say more about what you are trying to accomplish? Why do you want that setting?

  7. Olivier C

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Belgium, France)

    @Michael D Why do you want that setting?

    I have a custom software that was only used in office premises and the macs controlled by policies.
    With covid-19 confinement rules, more and more users are working from home, no more policies, it’s a customer concern.

    I need to restrict access to some windows when there’s no password requested after screensaver started and have a maximal delay for asking the password.
    They don’t want to enforce these settings, they just want to check them and to inform the user.

    This was fine up until 10.12 Sierra, using ‘read defaults’.

    I know I can get System Idle time and close windows or even lock the screen but it requires more changes to the software than just relying on system settings.

  8. Michael D

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro

    you can read the display sleep time using

    /usr/bin/pmset -g | /usr/bin/grep displaysleep | /usr/bin/awk '{ print $2 }'

    but that's not the same as the lock time.

  9. Olivier C

    May 25 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Belgium, France)

    @Michael D you can read the display sleep time using

    For ‘askForPassword’ I could use appleScript:

    require password to wake (boolean) : Is a password required to wake the computer from sleep or screen saver?
    --> tell application "System Events" to tell security preferences to get require password to wake

    For ‘aksForPasswordDelay’ I can’t find the correct system event, there is

    ‘log out when inactive interval (integer) : The interval of inactivity after which the computer will log out’ 

    but it always return 60 which doesn’t correspond to anything in my settings

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