ExeWrapper Update 1.2.2

  1. 3 days ago

    Tim P

    Mar 25 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Rochester, NY

    Hello and good morning everyone! I've released a small update for ExeWrapper. This update focuses on some minor experience improvements, rounding out more areas with that macOS feel. Additionally, a little more info about the finished sign task is now available in the log and system notifications.

    Here's what's new :)

    New: Sign log will now live update if it's open while you're signing
    Changed: Small signing completed window resize animation
    Changed: Sign complete phrasing now shows processed vs. signed files

    That last one I've found really helpful lately when I sign projects with plugins ;)
    Download link: https://exewrapper.com/download/get

    You might have caught it in another thread - I'm currently offering a coupon for ExeWrapper because things are getting bumpy for everyone. Use the code FIGHTC19 it is valid for both new licenses and renewals, and thank you to all.

    Best wishes and stay well!

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