Xojo not displaying window.backdrop in IDE

  1. last week

    Hi folks. I'm an old user of Real Basic since the beginning. Been out of it for a while but have come on board with Xojo. Running the latest 2019 ver. 3.1 on a iMac with Sierra and a bootable SSD with Linux Mint 19.3. Xojo works great on the Mac, but some curious issues in Linux. For one, the window backdrop refuses to display the image in the IDE. Running the app in debugger does show the image, but for layout purposes it's unacceptable. Hoping for suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Tim J

    Feb 10 Pre-Release Testers N. Phoenix, AZ

    Feedback's in. Don't expect a fix, though since it displays in the built app and they provided a hinky workaround.

    Feedback Case #57989

  3. 6 days ago

    Tim J

    Feb 12 Pre-Release Testers N. Phoenix, AZ

    Thanks to @William Y for clobbering this!

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