Report and monitor resolution

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Nedi F

    Feb 6 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Italy, Bologna)

    I have a problem with my first application developed on a MacBook Air 11" using Xojo 2019r1.1
    I build the application and I have to install it on two different Macs: a MacBook Pro and an iMac: I copied the folder produced by the build on both computers (is the procedure correct or do you have to do something different?).
    This application must produce a report: it happens that the report produced on the MacBook Pro is perfect, while the one produced on the iMac has such a high font size that it becomes unreadable.
    The problem occurs only with reports: with windows everything is smooth.
    The Supports Hi-DPI property is set to ON.
    iMac 27" 2019, Retina 5K, 5120x2880 resolution.
    Am I doing something wrong? Am I omitting something?
    I trust in your help!

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