CheckBox broken in 2019 R3

  1. 5 months ago
    Edited 5 months ago

    This is possibly happening in Linux too (not sure), but I have an app compiled with 2019 R3 for the Raspberry where CheckBoxes are broken.

    Create a new app, add a CheckBox in the window, set the 'Visual State' to 'Checked' and then run on the Pi. The CheckBox is not checked.

    Re-open the project in Xojo.. now you can't change the CheckBox state.. you have to select/deselect/reselect the CheckBox to get access to the visual state popup menu..

    Now you'd think you 'fixed it'.. save/compile again.. still does not work when ran on the Pi (not checked).

    (does not happen if compiled on macOS)

    Back to 2019 R1.1 for me.. possibly for a long time.

  2. Markus R

    Dec 11 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe / Germany / Lower Saxon...
    Edited 5 months ago

    had this in 2.1, one checkbox that is checked in design
    was not checked at runtime... (windows desktop)

  3. Wayne G

    Dec 11 Testers, Xojo Pro, MVP Auckland, New Zealand

    Do everyone a favor & file a feedback case preferably with a movie & sample project.

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