2019r2 Crashes on "RemoveAllRows"

  1. 7 months ago

    John K

    is not verified 4 Nov 2019 United States (Pennsylvania)

    This procedure worked fine in version 2019r1, but crashes on "RemoveAllRows" in version 2019r2.
    CurrentCustOrdItems is a class holding data [CurrentCustOrdItems () as CustomerOrderItem] .

    Dim OrdItem As OrderItem

    CustomerOrderWindow.CurrentCustOrdItems.RemoveAllRows //RemoveAllRows causes crash here

    If rsOrderItems <> Nil Then
    While Not rsOrderItems.EOF
    OrdItem = New OrderItem

    OrdItem.OrderID = rsOrderItems.Field("orders_id").StringValue
    OrdItem.ProductID = rsOrderItems.Field("products_id").StringValue
    OrdItem.ModelCode = rsOrderItems.Field("products_model").StringValue
    OrdItem.ProductName = rsOrderItems.Field("products_name").StringValue
    OrdItem.TableRowID = rsOrderItems.Field("orders_products_id").IntegerValue
    OrdItem.UnitFinalPrice = rsOrderItems.Field("final_price").CurrencyValue
    OrdItem.QuantityOrdered = rsOrderItems.Field("products_quantity").IntegerValue
    OrdItem.SalesTaxRate = rsOrderItems.Field("products_tax").DoubleValue


    End If

    @Julian S Related to Feedback Case #57875 ?


  2. Julian S

    4 Nov 2019 Xojo Pro UK

    Related to Feedback Case #57875 ?

  3. Rick A

    5 Nov 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Answer (Brazil. UTC-3:00)

    @Julian S Related to Feedback Case #57875 ?


  4. John K

    is not verified 5 Nov 2019 United States (Pennsylvania)

    Until a new Xojo release is issued, a good work-around is:

    .ResizeTo (-1) instead of .RemoveAllRows

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