WebImageView.Picture Does Not Display

  1. 5 weeks ago

    Julia T

    Oct 12 Sandy Hook, Connecticut

    I have a WebImageView on a page, with its Picture property set to a png image that's been dragged into the project. The picture displays in the IDE and on the page when viewed in debug mode at localhost, but when being served as a standalone app, the image does not appear in browsers. The control responds to mousedown, but it's invisible (its Visible property is set to True in the Inspector). Built with Xojo 2019 r1.1.

    The WebImageView is on an instance of a WebContainer which is itself subclassed from WebContainer; I see to remember reading some cautions against doing that, maybe that's the problem?

  2. Greg O

    Oct 14 Xojo Inc scout.galaxy.barn

    That’ll be hard to quantify without an example. Could you create one and file a bug report so we can look at it?

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