Micro Men

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    Gavin S

    Oct 8 Pre-Release Testers UK

    There’s a live rewatching of Micro Men on YouTube on its tenth anniversary in less than an hour tonight (9pm UK time), with Chris Curry, Steve Furber and Hermann Hauser. Micro Men is a TV movie about the battle between Sinclair and Acorn Computers in the UK. It's a great movie to watch even if you aren't from the UK. You probably use ARM technology every day (where the 'A' of ARM originally stood for Acorn).

    “To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the BBC’s premiere of Micro Men, starring Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman, the Centre for Computing History has gathered together Chris Curry, Steve Furber and Hermann Hauser, who are represented in the film, for a re-watch of the movie, and reminiscence about those times at Acorn along with Jason, director of the museum.”


  2. Norman P

    Oct 8 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro great-white-software.com/blog

    Apple made a pile of money off of ARM
    Dont think they still hold any shares in it though

  3. Mark C

    Oct 8 Pre-Release Testers Spain 03170

    enjoyed that watch, a major part of my early memories and interests through out the whole period.

  4. Gavin S

    Oct 8 Pre-Release Testers UK

    They had a chat after the viewing which is much easier to listen to:


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