show picture in a GroupBox

  1. last week

    hi everyone!
    i'm a totally newbie trying to learn

    I'm trying to design a very easy app where the user select a panel from a tab panel and to each panel correspond a specific picture inside a groupbox

    the tab panel has 4 tabs
    tab1 -> pic1
    tab2 -> pic2
    tab3 -> pic3
    tab4 -> pic 4

    is it possible? can the picture be a gif?
    thanks in advance for your help


  2. Dave S

    Oct 8 San Diego, California USA

    use a canvas control, and yes they can be GIF, JPG or PNG

  3. thanks @Dave S!

    can i ask you how do i assign each pictures to its relative panel?

    thanks again!

  4. Dave S

    Oct 8 San Diego, California USA

    Tell you what... read the LangRef and Users Guides, look at the examples, and come back with you best attempt,

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