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  1. 9 months ago


    is there any chance to get webkit on windows running flash (swf). When my page is loaded I get "This plugin is not supported".
    The documentation says:
    To make plugins available to WebKit on Windows, create a folder called WebKitPlugins within your Libs folder in your application folder and place the plugins you need there.
    So, I created that folder and put "FlashUtil32_0_0_216_pepper.dll" into it, but I still get "This plugin is not supported".

    Any suggestions?

  2. can someone please just let me know if it is possible? its urgent, sorry for pushing...

  3. Try this files:


  4. thanks, but still the same..

    But i do not have to change anything in my program? it's just the htmlviewer with webkit as renderer.
    The "WebKitPlugins" folder was created in the "Libs" folder of my application, and then copy the plugins into that.
    That is the right way? ...but still saying "This plugin is not supported"

  5. Julian S

    4 Sep 2019 Xojo Pro UK
    Edited 9 months ago

    I assume you're building it in 32bit and using a 32bit plugin and not mixing 32 with 64?
    Also, what version of xojo are you using?

  6. Edited 9 months ago

    yes, it's 32bit.

    from the system/syswow32/Macromed/Flash there are these files to choose:

    i tried every single (and all together) but always "This plugin is not supported"

    i know flash is outdated but this runs on a isolated kiosk pc with no internet access and no keyboard/mouse attached, only touchscreen, so security does not really matter here.

    its xojo 2019.1 and the structure is

    my application Folder
         my app.exe
         -- my app Resources
         -- my app Libs

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