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    I don't understand why Xojo don't add drag and drop support for images ? You can drag and drop just about everything else, yet you have to go through this lengthy process just to add a simple image, and god forbid you need to add a bunch of tiny images on a single window... it spoils your whole afternoon to just add something that should be so simple. The canvas feature is nice, but there is a time and place for it and not every single image benefits from its use. Sometimes we just want to drop a simple image on the window... This is the one thing that REALLY annoys me about Xojo. Please fix it.,_Images_and_Graphics

    just look at this, youve literally almost written a book on adding a image... its crazy.

    You can drag the image to the left panel, drag a Canvas or Image Well and select the image from the list.

  2. Jeff T

    Jul 10 Pre-Release Testers Midlands of England, Europe

    Flexibility (render an image at any place, size, cropping, or shape)
    Re-use (one image can appear many times without duplicating the resource)
    HiDPI (OS have moved on, and now we can do better resolutions.. if you don't want 3 images, turn off HiDPI in the project)

    Yes, if dragging an image to a window automatically added a resource to the project, a canvas to the window, and code to render the resource in the paint event of the canvas, it would save some people some time.
    But the 3 points above would suffer.

  3. Emile S

    Jul 10 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    it’s a shame that in world where you san say “Hey Siri” or “Alexia”, you have to write details to create an application.

    One would expect a "Alexia: build for me an application to deal with images, set the white balance, sharp it, resize it for HD TV (or 4K or…) with a bunch of image effects…”.

    No more programmers needed.

    Doh ! I nearly forgot: “Hey Siri, build me a User’s Manual for the aforementioned application.” DTP is so boring.

    ;) but I understand.

  4. you don't write any code to place a button, you don't write any code to place a canvas or html viewer... why do you need to write code to place an image ? i understand if you want the image to be resized or clicked to perform an action and so forth it would require code, but to simply place an image should not require this kind of complexity. why cant you simply have a drag image to window and it asks you to select an image from computer and when you do it simply copies the image to a resource folder for storage and used when compiled ? this way if you just want a quick simple image you just drag, drop and select the image...

  5. in canvas.paint I draw a background image

    I load an image into a pixmap shape
    and show it to Mousemove with canvas paint
    there I zoom in / out with the mouse wheel
    or rotate the shape with shape.rotation

    Mouse click sets the shape on my background image
    canvas.invalidat is show

    There are only a few program lines

  6. Alberto D

    Jul 10 Pre-Release Testers Answer

    You can drag the image to the left panel, drag a Canvas or Image Well and select the image from the list.

  7. thank you. i eventually managed to get it all working :)

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