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  1. 3 weeks ago

    Dana B

    Jun 30 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Posting and maintaining this thread on behalf of the OmegaBundle team!

    About this thread
    Those of us offering our products in Omega Bundle for Desktop 2019 thought it would be a good idea to have a place where we can post what's new in Omega Bundle since last year, so we'll be posting here with what we've been up to since last time!

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    Coming Soon to Alpha!
    This class makes it simple to provide a uniform and informative experience in your UI, and emulates popular browser-based components for a modern and sleek feeling. This class comes with no shortage of customization options and features to allow it to fit in with any UI design choices you make! There are simply too many possible ways to use this product in your application.

    ● Optional Titlebar
    ● Optional Full-Width scaled image header
    ● Optional Header text
    ● Optional Subheader text
    ● Optional Content area
    ● Optional Button
    ● Optional Auto-height with HeightChanged event
    ● Per-section and overall customization options
    ● System color adaptive (Dark Mode vs Light Mode)


  2. Dana B

    Jun 30 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    This year, the Omega Bundle 2019 includes MarkDown Parser (valued at 80 euro). A set of classes written in 100% Xojo Code (source code provided) plus optimized TextArea controls (provided as an example about how to use it).

    MarkDown Parser gives to Xojo developers (Desktop, Web, Console; 32 and 64 bits) the ability to parse Markdown to HTML + CSS on the fly! Use the markdown text as the source for the class instance and get on the the HTML with the CSS styles provided as result, so you get the visually enriched HTML ready to use as is or for additional purposes in your project thanks to the flexibility provided by HTML!



    • Six levels of headers
    • Links
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Lists
    • Code inline and Blocks of code
    • Bold, Italic, Striketrough text styles
    • Quotes
    • Separator

    You can watch the demo video here .

    GuancheMOS: new add-ons

    In Addition, those who purchase GuancheMOS as part of the Omega Bundle (or from the regular AprendeXojo Store) will be entitled to receive the next release with the ability to generate unique serial numbers (licenses) attached to a particular Hardware ID (macOS and Windows).

    Check out Omega Bundle now!

  3. Dana B

    Jun 30 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas


    Now in Alpha!
    This is an excellent class that allows you to add any number of containers to your window, and provides an animated, responsive view wherein the containers will move to fill the display area! This control is based on GraffitiScrollContainer, which is itself a ContainerControl, so there's no limit to the possibilities!

    ● Animated movement of containers on resize/addition/removal
    ● Custom Gutter Height/Width
    ● Static Column Width
    ● Minimum Column Width



  4. Dana B

    Jun 30 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Now available, a new beta of App Wrapper 3.9.1 to solve the new Mac App Store "LSHanderRank" requirement.


    App Wrapper upgrade plans are part of the OmegaBundle, so if you're considering renewing or first time buying, then please check out http://www.omegabundle.net/

    There's quite a few changes in this beta as I am continuing to investigate the rejection of Notarized DMG files on Catalina.

    • Rewritten Apple Submission account system.
    • Modified the code sign checks.
    • Added more checking throughout the Notarization process to confirm each step is verified.
    • Fixed a problem whereby Sparkle's AutoUpdater application wasn't being code signed.
    • Modified it's deletion routine to avoid problems when iCloud Backup is enabled.
    • Modified the Inherited Entitlements to prevent a problem from occurring that could get your app rejected.
    • Now enforces "Secure Timestamps".
    • Adds verification that the application is not in the Trash to start with or moved to the trash during wrapping.
    • Added the option to add "LSHandlerRank" values to the document types.
  5. 2 weeks ago

    Dana B

    Jul 8 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    xDev Magazine
    The new July/August 2019 (17.4) issue features a wide variety of topics, from custom controls to creating barcodes, as well as looks ahead and behind. There's also a terrific tutorial on creating your first Web App. If you purchase Omegabundle for Xojo 2019, you can get this as a part of your subscription.

    xDev Magazine is the only publication in the world exclusively devoted to guiding developers in how to use the free Xojo multi-platform rapid application development environment, from Xojo, Inc.

    This latest issue of the magazine includes the following feature articles:

    • Numbers Please! Part 3* by Markus Winter
    • What is a number? And just how do you tell a program to detect a number?
    • TextField with Warning Sign* by Markus Winter
    • For his Numberfield, Markus needed a new control with a warning sign.
    • Husband + Wife + Xojo* by Richard and Trisha Duke
    • Richard looks back on 30 years in the computer business.
    • Creating Barcodes in Xojo* by Stefanie Juchmes
    • With the MBS barcode plugin, you can create over 80 types of barcodes.
    • Curves Ahead* by Marc Zeedar
    • Predicting the future is tough. All we really know is that everything will change.
    • Your First Web App* by Paul Budd
    • Never created a Web App? Now is your chance!

    PLUS: Computed properties, WWDC, Xojo Podcast, Client Communication, WeakRefs, Best of the Web, and more!

  6. last week

    Dana B

    Jul 11 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Now in Alpha
    GraffitiPagination is an easy-to-use pagination component written with system appearance schemes in mind. Easily control how much of your data displays by splitting it in to pages and using GraffitiPagination to load new data sets!


    • Support for an unlimited number of pages
    • Flexible page width with VisiblePages property
    • Value-bases disabling of navigation buttons
    • Complete font and color customization


  7. Dana B

    Jul 12 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    There are many Xojo developers that have settled on using SQLite for internal storage, and the Paradigma Team is okay with that. So okay with that, that we created a scalable Valentina SQLite Server and incorporated into Valentina Server. This makes it very easy to scale up your SQLite based application to a powerful client-server solution.

    In Omegabundle for Xojo 2019, you get a copy of Valentina Server (reg price $1,499.95 ) with your purchase.

    But what about the ultra fast ValentinaDB Server , one of several servers incorporated into Valentina Server? What makes it so special? Here is one feature requested by ValentinaDB developers that frequently worked with MS SQL Server.

    Check out the MERGE Statement , something not supported by many competing database servers. It does the combined work of insert, update, and delete to merge and combine the contents of tables.

  8. 4 days ago

    Dana B

    Jul 16 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    From the files of xDev Library comes Tam Hanna's Extreme Programming with its application to Xojo. Extreme Programming is a popular Agile Process. Learn more with the this volume from this selection among several included in Omegabundle for Xojo 2019.

  9. Dana B

    Jul 16 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Included in Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 is a full license for Valentina Server, and one component of Valentina Server is Valentina SQLite Server . Valentina SQLite Server was created to make it as easy as possible to migrate your SQLite local apps to a real client-server solution. The included license has unlimited connections. It also allows you to leverage the reporting system of Valentina Server using SQLite.

    This feature is covered by a tutorial and video Xojo: Migration to Valentina SQLite Server .

  10. yesterday

    Dana B

    yesterday Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Now in Alpha!

    GraffitiOptionBox is a custom Checkbox/RadioButton class with a plethora of amazing customizations!


    • System Adaptive
    • Automatic Values by Group for Checkboxes
    • Automatic Values by Group for RadioButtons
    • Indeterminate value
    • Custom color support
    • Custom value icon support
    • Value icon positioning (left or right)


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