Aloe Express; StaticPath and PathComponentsGet

  1. 5 months ago

    Hans-Norbert G

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    Again, Aloe express saved my life using electron with ES6 modules.

    Unfortunately, chrome does not allow modules when using file:// protocol.
    But, as I use Xojo for client to access database and have web socket, why not also let chrome have http: protocol with Aloe Express?

    Did so, and it worked seamless with the great and easy to use MapToFile method -> really great! Thanks a lot for that

    Here is the question:
    I set Request.StaticPath to another FolderItem which works seamless; but in MapToFile, PathComponents is used and was not changed.
    So I had to do the really hard work:

    Request.PathComponentsGet()  // this is original private -> so normally should not be used by aloe express user

    "hard work" -> ok, just fun

    Did I overlook something or has the path to be set in another way?

    Really, not a big problem; but my concern is, I do something wrong at all.

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