ElasticWindow successor?

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    Christian S

    22 May 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers, Third Party Store Germany


    I got a client project using Elastic Window controls to resize controls to fit any window size.
    The project needs to be updated from Xojo 2014 to 2019.

    Has anyone an idea where to get an updated version of those classes?

    And is RubberViews and ElasticWindow the same?

  2. Richard D

    22 May 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (UK, London)

    similar concept.. elastic window from christian miller and rubberview from micheal burjaret...

    elastic window has been abandon i think..

  3. Michel B

    22 May 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro
    Edited last year

    ElasticWindow disappeared when his publisher decided to give up. That is when members of the forum asked for a replacement that I issued RubberViews.

    Technically, it is not exactly the same, since RubberViews is a class that can be dragged over windows and container controls. But I created RubberWindow and RubberContainerControl which replace Elastic Window and Elastic Container Control. They can be used as a drop in replacement.

    In terms of performances, I believe RubberViews is a bit more advanced than Elastic Window, and needs less tweaking.

    You can download an evaluation project at https://RubberViews.com.

  4. Michel B

    22 May 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro

    Sorry, the link above is invalid.

    Here is the proper URL : https://RubberViews.com

  5. Derek D

    22 May 2019 Testers Newnan, GA. USA

    I use and recommend RubberViews. It is excellent. :)

  6. i recommend it too. it's a state of the art piece of code

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