Valentina Plugin for 2019r1

  1. last year

    Hello Everyone.

    Is Valentina 9.1.2 compatible with Xojo 2019r1?

    Thank you.

  2. Beatrix W

    10 Apr 2019 Testers, Third Party Store Europe (Germany)

    Why don't you do a test?

  3. Edited last year

    Because it takes time to do a test. And I do not have time at this moment. And I am asking if someone has already tested it.
    I must admit you are clever enough though.

    Thank you.

  4. Beatrix W

    10 Apr 2019 Testers, Third Party Store Europe (Germany)
    Edited last year

    You are so funny.

    Well, the answer is a bit fat "no". The problem isn't Xojo but Valentina again. Man, this is getting on my nerves. They are trying - and failing - with their new yield method.

    Edit: FieldMode = false seems to work. With YieldMode = true Valentina is back to crashing.

  5. Edited last year


    you describe your own project crash in a very rare situation, and you know that our example works fine. And you know that crash logs show crash deep in Xojo or in curl thread but not in our plugin.

    Sebastian, just asks if V4RB should work in Xojo 2019r1
    Sebastian, so far there was no any new RB/Xojo version which did break existing plugin of Valentina for Xojo.

    But I will ask developers exactly about this combination :)

  6. Reply from the developer: tested V4RB 9.1.2 with Xojo 2019r1 on MAC.

    Works ok.

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