SelectFolderDialog opens with a file (not a folder) selected

  1. 3 months ago

    Aaron H

    Mar 8 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Germany)

    Xojo2018r4 Mac

    Bug: SelectFolderDialog sometimes opens with a file selected (not always, just sometimes).

    Obviously, files are supposed to be inaccessible (greyed out) in a select *folder* dialog. The user can unselect the file, and then it cannot be selected. I know I can set the initial directory, but I shouldn't have to in order to avoid this wrong behaviour. Anyone else see this happening?

  2. Aaron H

    Mar 8 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Germany)
    Edited 3 months ago

    Here's my workaround:

    Public Function ShowSelectFolderDialog(promptTxt as string = "Select a destination folder.", buttonCaption as string = "Select") as Folderitem
      // start by assigning an existing folderitem that we know is not a directory
      dim f As FolderItem = App.ExecutableFile
      while not f.Directory
        // accept only a directory or a nil folderitem as the result of the dialog
        Dim dlg As New SelectFolderDialog
        dlg.ActionButtonCaption = "Select"
        dlg.PromptText = "Select a destination folder."
        f = dlg.ShowModal
        if f = Nil then exit while
      return f
    End Function

    Then whenever I want a select folder dialog, I use:

    dim f As FolderItem = ShowSelectFolderDialog

    With this workaround, if a user clicks the Select button to dismiss the dialog with the erroneous file pre-selected, the dialog just remains open, until they either cancel or click away from the selected item to a folder, or click somewhere outside the list to select the parent directory of the erroneously pre-selected file. This works on Mac, not tested on Windows. I'm away from my Windows laptop so can't test this -- anyone want to try this code on Windows?

  3. 2 months ago

    Dale A

    Mar 11 San Diego, California, USA

    I understand the problem you are seeing but I don't see it on Windows 10 (Xojo 2018R4). Using the SelectFolderDialog on Windows, the only entries that appear at all are folders and shortcuts that point to folders.

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