GetSaveInfo: Error in example ?

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    Emile S

    10 Feb 2019 Europe (France, Strasbourg)


    I am trying to understand how the couple GetRelative and GetSaveInfo works and I have very hard time to understand (both example are the same, for me).

    So, a minute ago, I stripped one example and changed it a bit like what is below.
    That example stores the path to where my Project is located, not to the Documents folder as the parameter suggests (and this is what I get in my real code *).

     Dim f As FolderItem
      Dim Info As String
      f = New FolderItem
      Info = f.GetSaveInfo(SpecialFolder.Documents, FolderItem.SaveInfoDefaultMode)
      MsgBox Info

    Original code from the LR ( FolderItem.GetRelative ):

    Dim f, g As FolderItem
    f = New FolderItem
    g = f.GetRelative(f.GetSaveInfo(Volume(0).Child("Documents"), FolderItem.SaveInfoDefaultMode))
    If g <> Nil Then
      TextField1.Text = g.NativePath
      MsgBox("FolderItem does not exist!") // Isn’t "Item not found" a better answer ?
    End If

    I think I now understand how to deal with that (unsure until I will be able to do the GetRelative part), but I want to understand if I am wrong or right in my LR code analyze.

    In fact, I get far worse: the project folder name length is far more than 27 characters long, so I let you imagine what I get in that Folder name… (the folder name is truncated and I get a # followed by alphanumerical [Hexadecimal ?] values in the first part of the Info string (the complete name near the end of the Info string).

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