MBS Plugins 19.1 pre-releases

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Christian S

    Feb 6 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany


    in this thread I want to post to you what's new in 19.1 prerelease plugins.

    download here:

    or ask (in private message or email) to be added to the shared dropbox folder.

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    If not, well you can ignore it.

    Thanks for supporting our plugin.

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  2. Christian S

    Feb 6 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany


  3. 7 days ago

    Christian S

    Feb 11 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany


    • Changed CarbonEventsIdleTimerMBS .available to be shared property.
    • Added CGImageSourceMBS .CreateThumbnailMT to create thumbnails threaded.
    • Added GMConvertMBS and GM16ConvertMBS classes.
    • Added HIDAPIDeviceMBS .WriteAsync method.
    • Added SQLErrorExceptionMBS .SQL property.
    • Added TiffPictureMBS .ScanlinesScaled function to scale down vertically on reading scanlines.
    • Added work around to NSColorSpaceMBS .File property to make it work better.
    • Changed UNNotification functions to return error on server.
    • Changed WebDownloadDelegateMBS and NSURLDownloadMBS classes to be thread safe.
    • Changes TiffPictureMBS .Scanlines and ScanlinesScaled to yield.
    • Fixed a problem with TiffPictureNBS.Scanlines crashing with too small buffer for some images.
    • Fixed crash with connecting to SQL Anywhere when creating connection failed. Now reports an error instead.
    • Fixed problem with UNNotification functions blocking plugin to initialize on Server. (from pr1)
    • Fixed TiffPictureNBS.Scanlines to correct parameters if RowsPerStrip > 1.
    • Removed OverlayMBS .WindowGroupHandle property.
    • Removed WindowGroupMBS class (Mac 32-bit Carbon only).
    • Updated DynaPDF to version
    • Updated SQLAPI to 4.2.5b4.
    • Updated SQLIte to version 3.27.1.

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