piDog Software releases DataView v1.14

  1. 7 months ago

    Dana B

    4 Feb 2019 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Phoenix, AZ (February 1st 2019) — piDog Software Announces v1.14 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

    piDog Software has released v 1.14 of their DataView and piDogScrolling canvas controls.

    piDogDataView, based on piDogScrollingCanvas is intended to be an easy to use, drop-in replacement for Xojo's Listbox control, providing more capabilities and a more modern feel while extending the ListBox API.

    Items in this update include:

    • Dark Mode and other rendering improvements
    • Major improvements to resizing performance, including column resizing and window resizing
    • New DataViewListboxStyle and DataViewFileBrowserStyle subclasses to simplify integration
    • Separated the use of system color, system header and system sort indicators
    • Reduced memory usage of PopupMenu and Date cells

    piDogDataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are available for purchase as a single package. piDogScrollingCanvas is also available as an independent product.

    Encrypted and Unencrypted licenses are available.

    For pricing, full release notes, demo download and more info, visit

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