HTTP2 Support on Apache Xojo-Proxy

  1. 8 months ago

    Marius D

    25 Jan 2019 Pre-Release Testers Herford, Germany


    some days ago we startet to rollout HTTP2 for some webcluster (no xojo-webapps) and it performed great.
    Our xojo-web-apps are hosted on debian as standalone apps behind an apache proxy.
    Sometimes we had crazy performance issues with these web-apps especially with mobile clients.
    So I tried to find a way to get these apps to HTTP2.

    As you can see in mod_proxy_http2 documentation:

    mod_proxy_http2 supports HTTP/2 only, it does not provide any downgrades to HTTP/1.1. This means that the backend needs to support HTTP/2 because HTTP/1.1 will not be used instead.

    I thought where will be no way to get that working without changing to nginx.
    But I made a mistake, you can use mod_proxy to handle the backend-request to the webapp (with HTTP/1.1) and apache sends HTTP2 to the client.

    I could realize a great performance enhancement.

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