Tic Tac Toe Project Error

  1. last year

    I am working on a tic tac toe project in Xojo and I cannot figure out this error. Could someone help me out?-image-
    Project is due in two days

  2. Dave S

    8 Jan 2019 San Diego, California USA

    the error is you didn't properly post the image. perhaps a description of the error?
    and since this is obviously HOMEWORK

    • Why do you think the error occurs
    • What have you done to research why the error is occuring

    Most members of this forum will help, but when it comes to Homework.... thats the point....learn

  3. Alberto D

    8 Jan 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Austin, Texas

    Looking at the source of the post it looks like you tried to post the image from a screen capture on your desktop, you can't do that on this forum. You should upload the image to an image sharing site or use dropbox. I usually use imgbb.com

  4. Richard D

    8 Jan 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (UK, London)

    or imgur

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