BackColor of Sheets not working

  1. last year

    it seems backColor in sheetwindows does not work: in the IDE I set to black the backColor of a sheetwindow, but when the windows shows, the backcolor is more or less the backcolor of the parent window.
    I could fix the problem using the sheetwindows' paint event:
    g.forecolor =
    g.fillRect 0,0,g.width,g,height

    Is it the expected behavior in Mojave Xojo 18r4?


  2. Tim J

    25 Dec 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro N. Phoenix, AZ

    Hi Carlo - there is a private bug report on this and it is marked as fixed, so I expect that it will be sorted in a coming Xojo update.

  3. Good to know. Everybody is happy no leave aside workarounds and get things fixed.
    Thank you.

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