Xojo Drawing Model: Regions, screen coordinates

  1. 2 years ago

    Stephen G

    27 Nov 2018 Xojo Pro Ellensburg, Washington

    Question 1: Does Xojo have a model for arbitrary regions created by a collection of rectangles? For example, adding / subtracting rectangles with screen coordinates to build up a non-rectangular "region", which can be filled, inverted, framed, and which a point coordinate can be tested to see if it falls inside the region bounds? (obviously, each platform has its OWN methods for this operation -- my question is does Xojo's drawing model offer any abstraction for this type of operation?)

    Question 2: Last time I checked, Xojo's text drawing model (even for drawing Retina / HDPI text) assumed 72 DPI screen coordinates, is that still correct?

    Question 3: In a scrolled view / canvas, if I were drawing a line of text (NOT in a text control) that BEGAN above and off-screen, but extended down into the top of the view/canvas, can drawing be moved to a NEGATIVE position above the view/canvas, then drawn, with the position of the text drawn above the view properly clipped?


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