Resizing utility RubberViewWE not supported as expected

  1. 3 months ago
    Edited 3 months ago

    When I bought Xojo I decided to bought RubberView just to be comfortable in resizing things (i was working on VB6 that time).
    At that time I did't know that Xojo supports AutoLayout.
    However I paid $150, the product never worked as it gives an error running the demo, I received and answer from Mitchel at that time, saying to put a timer but problem never solved. I then forget it but now I want to experiment with just to automate container's resizing. I have send various messages to hime, even opening a private discussion but that'sit.
    If I bought a dead product, due to my ignorance as a newcomer to Xojo, I'm thinking that is better to get refund in it....
    Unless if the author Michel Bujardet return back and decide to support me in doing what I was intending to do by buying its product.
    I can't stand such unprofessional behaviour... selling a product, get the money, then vanished, no support, not even an answer, just thanks for your money. This is bad for Xojo's community reputation IMO

    Until now and based on my experience the best professional I had cooperate with working in Xojo is Anthony from GraffitiSuite ans Smit from MonkeyBread
    Thanks for hearing me.

  2. Phillip Z

    Oct 20 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Florence, SC

    Hi Michael,

    This forum has no means to know or verify your communication with Michel Bujardet. I can say from personal experience that Michel is a respectable vendor and would go to great lengths to assist you. His forum engagement is less of late and it is possible that he is tied up with family or personal affairs.

    I want to add that there also comes a time when supporting fellow developers can be increasingly challenging and the only resolution is to dissolve the relationship. As no one here can really assist you with the financial transaction I question the professionalism of unloading here.

    My advice would be to simply ask this helpful community for pointers on using the product or any specific questions you have. It is likely we can assist. If too much time has not passed since you purchased the product you can always follow up with your bank as well.

    Everyone here is a small vendor doing our best to help each other. I hope you find the resolution you are seeking.

  3. Edited 3 months ago

    Thank you Phillipe. I agree with you about Michel as i have interacted with him somerimes in this forum.
    However, i saw that Michel was active 2 weeks ago in this forum but my personal emails and message for a private conversation was not accepted (as i cant see any open private discussion in my account, so i supposed it was rejected)

    The thing is that nowadays is so easy to everyone to send a message to reply and inform about human affairs difficulties as you said, which is understable from all I people think.
    But ignoring bussiness messages from your customers is really what makes thd difference.

    I bought 7 months ago through PayPal and send a message to him through disputing process.

    Anyway, i am always ready for excuses in case if my sayings/behaviour maybe unfairly offend someone but at the same time i demand the same from the others.. Also i always ready to unfold here my thoughts related to the forum, so the other members to think about and reply and express their opinion about... Transparency is a good way to hammer good friendships and collaborations as well. So i will patiently be waiting for Michel support and let you know.

  4. Greg O

    Oct 22 Xojo Inc

    Maybe he’s on holiday?

  5. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago

    Just to let users know, he sent me an email a week ago saying that it was in a hospital and to sent the product code to have a look and fix it. I hope he tobe well and in full health.
    However, I suppose in that cases somehow should be able to notify the buyers/users of the product using an automated e-mail service because it is sad that misunderstandings are created...

    I would express my apologies if Mitchel felt offended...

  6. 9 weeks ago

    James D

    Nov 24 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Switzerland)

    @Michael B However, I suppose in that cases somehow should be able to notify the buyers/users of the product using an automated e-mail service because it is sad that misunderstandings are created..

    So if you were knocked down by a car or taken seriously ill your first thought would be oh I better chance my auto reply.....

    Despite Phillip’s explanation and Michael’s response, it seems you are not getting it - this is a very small community and with the exception of XOJO itself and perhaps a handful of companies, most people are one person operations. And when something goes wrong there is not much that can be done except wait.

    On the upside this is a very friendly community and there are not that many plugins so there are always a few people around who have some knowledge of products, the issues and the workarounds, so there is almost always someone around who can help. And in that reality, Phillip suggested you post your questions here, but I cannot see that you did. Why not?

    The bottom line is that XOJO is not Microsoft, the plugin vendors are not Devart/DevExpress etc. and the community is not stackoverflow. If you need that level of support for your work then it is unlikely we’ll ever be able to meet all of your expectations, despite our best efforts. Sorry.

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Edited 8 weeks ago

    Thanks Dooley, I m just thinking that if an accident happened that would be very sad and terrible. On the other hand as the community is small i think that some friends may be in a position to know the situation and inform the others about the situation. Small communities should be in much bonding with each other than others larger communities, this is a universal law, is a kind of trade-off...

    In anyway, thanks for letting me know about the status of the forum. I had no intention to offend anybody but as you know human affairs are unique and common for all people at the same time.

    I did not post the question because it was a matter of the code of the product and i decided to postpone my implementation using rubberviews until i got an answer from the author. Maybe was a mistake but ok, as you can say we did not come up always with the right decisions... However, Michel contact me and i suppose he works on it as long as he feels ok and in good health

  8. brian f

    Nov 27 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Chilly California


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