Can you post a comment about Xojo?

  1. 4 months ago

    Dana B

    Oct 9 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Word of mouth and personal recommendations are definitely the strongest form of marketing for us (and probably for many of you). That said, a post has come up on Quora about people's opinions of Xojo. It's several years old, but has had some more recent comments, so I thought I'd reach out to you and see if you had a minute to post a reply with your opinion - so that others who come across it might get feedback from actual Xojo users.

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  2. Dana B

    Oct 9 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Thanks @Kem T !

  3. Steve K

    Oct 10 Melbourne, Australia

    What about from a citizen developer/amateur point of view?

  4. Dana B

    Oct 12 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas


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