Capture an input signal

  1. 7 months ago

    I have a ComfilePi (basically a RaspberryPi with a touchscreen) that I need to "do things" when an input gets energized. The supplier has an example in C# to work with this Input/Output card. The trouble is, I know absolutely nothing about C#. I don't even know if their example is something I can run. I have all the code already written in Xojo that needs to execute once a signal happens. However, I have no idea how to "get the signal". I'm not sure if any of you are able to help get me pointed in the right direction. Here is the page that contains the example
    The link to download the code is just under the video. I'm completely perplexed.

    Thanks a million times in advance for any help!

  2. Ivan T

    13 Sep 2018 Pre-Release Testers
    Edited 7 months ago

    There are actually many posts in the xojo forum, the xojo blog and in the documentation about gpio, you just need to use the search function.

    In the page you provide is a Pin Map, that is all you need from them.

  3. Since this is my first venture into using this type of hardware (input/output card AND a RPi) and also my first time using Xojo. I had no idea that "gpio" was what I needed to search. Forgive my ignorance on the matter.

  4. Dave S

    13 Sep 2018 San Diego, California USA

    "GPIO" a phrase that appears only about 50 times on the very link you posted :)

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