Xojo 2018R2 - IDE Extremely Slow

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  2. 2 years ago

    Christoph D

    4 Sep 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro

    @Beatrix W 700 controls on a window simply scream "redo me".

    Really? So you're going to condemn my app without having seen it? Figures ...

  3. Beatrix W

    4 Sep 2018 Testers, Third Party Store Europe (Germany)
    Edited 2 years ago

    Well, show us your app. Why the "figures..."?

    A quick Goggling didn't give me anything current. You from Schelles?

  4. Edited 2 years ago

    I just counted: in one window where I'm experiencing laggy control selecting, dragging, resizing, deleting, etc I have 48 controls. This is pretty standard.

    In a Preferences window, I have 263 controls. Here's the strange part — both windows have the same exact (lack of) responsiveness, delay, and lag. There's no discernible difference.

    When I create a brand new blank project, dragging controls is quite fast - almost zero lag. As I start copying and pasting controls, once I hit about 25, it becomes noticeably slower. Then I continued adding controls until I had over 250, and the lag barely increased. So basically, 1-20 controls is very responsive, after 20-25, I get noticeable lag, which remains consistent through upwards of 300 controls. I haven't tested yet with more than 300 controls. But It seems there's a threshold of about 20 controls before the lag hits.

    Opening my window with 48 controls initially in the IDE is pretty fast, 1-2 seconds of delay, and opening the Preferences window in the IDE has about 4-5 seconds delay. But once they're both open, they are similarly responsive (or not responsive, as it were).

  5. Edited 2 years ago

    @Beatrix W 700 controls on a window simply scream "redo me".

    My creativity should be limiting my design not a sluggish IDE.

    @Julian S The IDE isn't optimised for large numbers of controls.

    Copy paste (duplicate) 50 labels and 50 text fields onto the same window

    I did some tests copying 100 buttons.

    Visual Studio 2017 on my computer takes about a second second to paste which feels pretty much instant. Selecting and copying is instant.

    Also notice how sluggish the dragging of 100 controls is. Not even doable in Xojo. Notice that the location of the controls is where the mouse is after the lag, not at the position the mouseup occurs.


    Doesn't look very usable to me. [Edit] this is 2017r2.


  6. @Julian S 2018r3a24 53s

    You could get in trouble for that ;)

  7. Edited 2 years ago

    I'm seeing similar lag, though nothing to that degree. But definitely noticeable, and aligning things is extremely difficult. The guide lines popup in weird places, very delayed, or not at all. Also noticing controls moving slightly when I don't drag them — the IDE misinterprets a click as a small drag. I'm on MacOS, and it seems Xojo is more responsive there than on Windows, but it still isn't great. Seems pretty lousy, especially when this lag begins after about 20-25 controls.

  8. Craig G

    5 Sep 2018 Australia

    @Jeff T Make sure you don't have the app or your builds in an area that is being mirrored by iCloud or Dropbox.

    Mine was really slow on Windows and Mac until I found that pausing syncing on Dropbox fixed it.
    If you keep your project files in Dropbox and that is the location of your builds then everytime you click RUN or close your debug application an enormous amount of files are being synced either added or deleted. If you have other computers on in your house they are also working away to keep their Dropbox up to date slowing your Internet connection as well causing your sync to take longer.
    After a while Dropbox starts to use a lot of processor and memory at the expense of Xojo.
    Pause syncing until you are finished with Xojo and I'm sure you will see some difference.

  9. @Craig G After a while Dropbox starts to use a lot of processor and memory at the expense of Xojo.
    Pause syncing until you are finished with Xojo and I'm sure you will see some difference.

    Or better yet use GitHub or BitBucket.

  10. This is a good tip for those storing project files on Dropbox. However, I am not. I'm just storing them in a regular folder on a local SSD drive.

  11. Edited 2 years ago

    I am using a MacBook Pro 13" Retina Late 2013 with 2018 R2 Demo. I put 104 text fields on a form (with some casting code to set values etc) and encountered no slowness in copying, pasting, and moving the controls.

  12. last year
    Edited last year

    I have this problem too. Using 2018 r4 (OS X latest os 10.14.2)
    i7 processor, 8gm ram, ssd drive.
    There's delays of 1-3 seconds like other people have said. I'm just learning xojo so all my projects are test projects with only a few controls. It's not doable for me to use for work unless this is fixable.

  13. Hal G

    13 Jan 2019 CampSoftware.com

    Hey Hopkin,

    Does it look like the video I posted in the following thread on Jan 10?


  14. Yes - exactly. Except the delay is longer for me.
    I did realize later that a container control was the reason for the slowness. I took it out and the IDE responded normally.

    For that control I wanted a custom-control so I was messing around a bit. I added a button to the container control and used that in my project. I am just learning Xojo (I have a .net and php background). It seems like using a canvas might be the way go - but I don't know how to (of if you can) embed standard controls like labels and buttons into canvas controls.

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