AAAARGH! Deleting posts accidentally is way too easy!

  1. 2 years ago

    Markus W

    15 May 2018 #JeSuisHuman New Zealand, Auc...

    Ever since the forum was changed to permanently delete posts (you can’t get them back) I have accidentally deleted lengthy answers to problems someone had. The delete button is WAAAAY too easy to hit if you want to just edit your post and correct a typo. That really needs to be changed.

  2. Markus,

    Stressing like this is not good for your health.

  3. Julian S

    15 May 2018 Xojo Pro UK

    Totally agree Markus, I've done it in the past, a confirmation would be nice because the buttons are so close especially on mobile/tablet.

  4. Thomas R

    15 May 2018 Europe, France, Besancon

    I'm agree too, I'm nearly sure I reported the same problem on the forum some months (years ?) ago. It's a minor problem for me because I read more than I write on the forum.

  5. Andrew L

    15 May 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA

    This has bitten me too. There should be a confirmation at least.

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