1. 2 weeks ago

    S.L.A.M anybody been down this road as of yet. I'm just starting it in XOJO for the first time.

    The object is to use a laser to scan a room and draw it out on the canvas class. Of course these laser measurements must be recorded and saved.

    The localization of it will be the lazer readings ... I have gotten started on it somewhat, but I would be interested in hearing if anybody else has been down this
    road as of yet.


  2. Eugene D

    May 14 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Canada scispec.ca

    Hi Dunn,

    I am also starting on this type of project. The parts have been ordered and I haven’t had spare time to work on the algorithm side yet.

    For my S.L.A.M. Project I will be using ultrasonics instead of lasers, as I don’t need the high granularity of a laser yet.

    This is an interesting topic for sure.


  3. Cool, we should keep in touch... I'm working with the canvas class at this moment in time. I can get it to draw the lines on the screen
    but thus far it erases the old line on redraw of the canvas. I looked at the help file for it and it's set to default to erase it. I'll figure out
    how to stop it from doing that soon, I think.

    Good luck with your project,


  4. Julen I

    May 16 Europe
    Edited 2 weeks ago

    Dunn, check this: https://docs.xojo.com/index.php/Canvas.EraseBackground


    EDIT: And this too: https://docs.xojo.com/index.php/RectControl.Invalidate (the optional parameter)

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