Mmmm, love the smell of RB2012r2.1 in the evening...

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  2. 2 years ago

    Dave S

    14 Apr 2018 San Diego, California USA
    Edited 2 years ago

    @Greg OLone You’ve been able to choose to display a larger font in the navigator for at least a year.

    starting in what version? if after 2016 then I'll have to wait

    and then if Xcode would just follow suit

  3. Tim J

    15 Apr 2018 Pre-Release Testers N. Phoenix, AZ

    @Jason P Don’t forget that, as of macOS 10.13.4, you & you’re users are going to get warnings from the OS about 32 bit applications.

    Only the first time that the app is run. My users can live with that given an app that doesn't crash due to Apple's Cocoa CoreWahtzit library bugs.

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