gTooltip - flexible, styled and customized Tooltips (HelpTags)

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    Dana B

    23 Mar 2018 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas
    Edited last year

    Gate61 is proud to announce gTooltip, a new Xojo Web add-on to create flexible, styled and customized Tooltips (HelpTags).


    • Tooltip text can also contain html tags (strong, img, ...) and icons
    • Different sizes, multi-lines allowed
    • Dynamic (you can change settings at runtime, by code)
    • Text and background colors, transparency allowed !
    • Triggered by hover, click or manually
    • Multiple positioning options
    • With or without arrows
    • Delayed and animated display/hide
    • Set the Tooltip to follow the mouse cursor
    • Optional "flip" (position change) when not enough room available
    • ... and many more …

    System requirements

    Xojo Web release 2016r2.1 and following.
    Web Applications only (no Desktop, Raspberry or iOS application).

    Look at the details and try the online demo here: gTooltip

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