Gate61 releases gNotify - Notifications in Xojo Web applications

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    Dana B

    13 Mar 2018 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Gate61 is proud to announce gNotify a new Xojo Web add-on, a powerful and flexible control to display Notifications.



    • Elegant, responsive, flexible notifications,
    • Lightweight, pure javascript and CSS, NO dependencies
    • Use one of 5 pre-defined styles (info, success, warning, error, question)
    • Or create your own style at runtime
    • Define Title & Message Texts, Color and Size
    • Set Notification timeout
    • Illustrate Timeout with a Progress Bar
    • Define Progress Bar color, optional pause or reset on hover
    • Define Buttons and be informed when these are clicked
    • Optional Close icon, close on escape
    • Use FontAwesome (free) icons
    • Use Google Material icons
    • Overlay support (creates a modal notification)
    • Righ-to-left (RTL) support

    System requirements

    Xojo release 2016r2.1 and following.
    Web Applications only (no Desktop, Raspberry or iOS application).

    Look at the details and try the online demo here: gNotify

    Other Gate61 Xojo add-ons here: Xojo Add-ons

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