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    Dana B

    6 Mar 2018 Xojo Inc Austin, Texas

    Available HTMLColorizer for Xojo

    March, 2018 -- Javier Rodríguez ( ) announces the availability of HTMLColorizer for Xojo. This un-encripted class, with full source code access, allows any Xojo developer to highlight HTML on the fly using any color scheme of choice! You get the visual enriched result ready to use on regular TextArea controls or custom TextArea sublclass, including the already crafted subclass included with the project and source code!

    Implement this capacity in your current or new projects in seconds, using the already provided TextArea subclass of the example project as an starting point, or providing your own subclass or the regular TextArea control from the Xojo Framework Library!

    The HTMLColorizer for Xojo component is compatible with 32 and 64 bits deployments for Desktop (macOS, Windows and Linux).

    • Inspect / Access Source Code. No Chains!
    • Extremely Easy to Implement and Use
    • Free updates for one year
    • Exclusive portal for Feedback / Feature Requests / Bugs submission and follow up

    HTMLColorizer for Xojo is available for purchase on the AprendeXojo store at:

    The price of the license is 20 euros (US $25)

    More information about HTMLColorizer for Xojo:

    Demo vídeo:

    Test app (macOS, Windows, Linux; 64 bits):

    Let me know if you are interested in downloading the Test App for 32 bits.

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