A FolderItem have a Name before I give it one !

  1. last year

    Emile S

    13 Feb 2018 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    I already wrote (and delete, not send it) a report about a problem I have with a temporary item I want to delete but I cannot… (in TemporaryFolder).

    Before sending it, I get an idea and wanted to check it.

    Well done, but I still get error…

    After a while, I noticed a strange thing: my FolderItem path ends ith .png (yes, an image), ends with ":"… how come ?

    Then, the more absurd comes to reality:

    Dim Tmp_FI As New FolderItem
    Beep // Breakpoint here

    in the debugger, Tmp_FI have a name (and that name ends with a folder delimiter: ":") !!!
    Obviously, no one set anything to the FolderItem (not me).

    Am I cursed ?

  2. Emile S

    13 Feb 2018 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    Somewhere, earlier today, the project folder was renamed using one drop Image name… and since a folder name ending with ".png" is uncommon … thus the result above.

    But the intended feature still do not work.

  3. Emile S

    13 Feb 2018 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    At last, I found the original example I used in my project and that leaves a file in my Trash (at reboot time):

    Search for DragToFinder.xojo_binary_project in Xojo’s Examples folder.

    Run it and drag the txt into a Finder’s window (will have to works XPlatform, and it works XPlatform).

    Quit, Shutdown, reboot and open your Trasha nd cry: you have a copy of the file in it !

    The real question is: How can I avoid that file in the Trash ?

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