DB2 Stored Procs without resultset

  1. last year

    Hi Folks!

    I'm using Xojo with the DB2 Database. In DB2, there are 2 types of Stored Procs:

    the first one returns a resultset, that works with
    odbcdatabase.sqlselect command and a recordset.

    the second one returns a list of parameters, so when i use sqlselect command i get a
    odbcdatabase.errorcode -99999.

    Now the question: what is to do to get the output parameters from the stored procedure?

    A Example for a DB2 Stored Procedure that returns only out parms and no result set is here:


    The Syntax of the call Statement:

    CALL GET_DBSIZE_INFO(?, ?, ?, 0)



  2. Hi Folks!

    Another thought is, if a sqlexecute with a 'delete from table where a = 123' is fired,
    it should be nice to get the amount of deleted rows back in the sqlexecute function.

    VB .net does it.



  3. Christian S

    14 Feb 2018 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany

    Do you connect via MBS SQL Plugin ?
    Or ODBC maybe?

    MBS SQL Plugin can run stored procedures.

  4. I connect with the ODBC Plugin.

    Stored Procs that returns a resultset, are running and I can show the data with the recordset object.

    Storde Procs that returns a out Parameter are not running, they get the Error -99999.


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