App hangs on MacOS High Sierra

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  2. 6 days ago

    Clue: we have a timer that runs and send JSON to the shell. This timer was set to a 1000ms interval. When we set the timer to a 500ms interval, the app hung in just over half the time. Is there some sort of buffer that may be overflowing?

  3. What's strange is that in order to reproduce this hang, we have to send a particular command to the Shell that change the behavior of the shell app. Further, the command needs to be sent at a particular time. If we don't send the command, the hang does not occur. If we send it earlier or later, the hang does not occur. If we send it at the right time, the hang occurs after some number of additional commands are sent to the shell. The timer I mentioned above control the frequency at which those additional commands are sent. The faster those additional commands are sent, the faster the hang will occur. So it seems that a particular command puts the app in state where it's going to eventually hang, and then sending some number of additional commands triggers the hang. All commands are JSON strings sent via Shell.WriteLine().

  4. 5 days ago

    This looks to be an issue with our Java app that's running in the Shell. It's locking up for some time and causing the Xojo app to freeze. Not a Xojo issue unless you consider the Shell instance locking up an issue.

  5. 3 days ago

    Douglas H

    Jan 17 Pre-Release Testers

    @Thomas E Just create an empty Xcode project and attach to the running process. Now press the pause button and you can look where it hangs. It works well.

    Can you elaborate on "... and attach to the running process"?

    This sounds like a good trick to have in the bag, but I'm not entirely sure how to do what you suggest.

  6. 2 days ago

    Thomas E

    Jan 17 Pre-Release Testers

    In Xcode you can use "Attach to process…" in Debug menu. Then you can pause the process similar to Xojo and look at the current stacks in the used threads.

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