keyboard.AltKey test fail

  1. 11 months ago

    Emile S

    11 Aug 2017 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    The LR says:

    If True, the Alt key on Windows and Linux and Option key on Macintosh was depressed when the current method or event handler began.

    Nice, this is exactly what I wanted to know / to do but…

    The example from the LR:

    If keyboard.AltKey Then
      MsgBox "Option/Alt key"
    End If

    fails miserably under Linux Mint 18.2.

    Nota: .ShiftKey works fine.

    Nota (bis): I have troubles with the PCAltKey as found in MenuItems and so I avoid to use that. For other reasons, I started to use to test .ShiftKey and that worked fine.
    I wanted to remove that mind blockage and so I started to test that (under VirtualBox).

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