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    nicolás c

    19 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro argentina
    Edited last year

    hi all. i have this code:

      Dim sm As SOAPMethod
      Dim sr As SOAPResult
      // create the soap method and set the parameter(s)
      sm = New SOAPMethod("")
      sm.Parameter("BookTitle") = "psalms"
      sm.Parameter("chapter") = "1"
      sm.Parameter("Verse") = "1"
      // execute the method
      sr = sm.Invoke("GetBibleWordsByChapterAndVerse")
      // display the city portion of the result
      If sr.Error Then
      End If

    how could i get just the BibleWords tag?

  2. Jeff T

    19 May 2017 Midlands of England, Europe

    SRResult.document gives you the XMLDocument
    You can use XQL on that to get individual elements.

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