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    Neil B

    17 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers

    I just got a new computer and was trying to transfer my Xojo licenses. When I try to log in I get this message:

    Sign In Failed
    Xojo was unable to connect to the authentication server. Check your network settings, and try again.

    I have OK or Proxy Settings buttons.

    When I click Proxy Settings i am ask for Address, and Port as well as user name and password.

    I admit I don't know much about proxies. I think in internet filter routes all traffic to an offsite filter using a proxy. I wonder how I can find the info to enter into proxy settings.

    Under Edit> Options> Proxy Tab, I do not have Connect using a proxy server checked. Clicking test connection gives me a positive result.

  2. Beatrix W

    17 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Germany)

    Is the computer yours or is it from your company? If the computers is yours then a proxy is unlikely. Can you check the proxy setting in your old computer? Your browser should have the correct proxy settings already entered. If not it's time to contact your IT person.

  3. Neil B

    18 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers

    Yes the computer is mine. I don't really know much about proxies. On my old computer on the same network Xojo is signed in with no proxy set in options.

  4. Beatrix W

    18 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers Europe (Germany)

    Okay, then it's likely not a proxy error. Just to be totally sure: your computer is connected to the internet? You don't have Little Snitch set up to block any connection to Xojo? Have you simply tried again?

  5. Neil B

    18 May 2017 Pre-Release Testers

    I've been trying for two weeks. I do not have a problem signing into feedback or my online account from this computer. I am connected to the internet and have the same filter as the computer where Xojo is working.

    I vaguely remember having the same issue when I got my last laptop but don't remember how I finally got it working.

  6. Alyssa F

    18 May 2017 Xojo Inc Portland, Oregon

    Hi Neil,

    It does look like you have used both your Desktop activations already (as well as both your Web license activations too).

    When you open the License Key Window in Xojo do you see your license listed there?

    Yes -> Then make sure your build settings aren't set to build for a platform your license doesn't support. (like trying to build for iOS with a Desktop license.) Also, make sure you aren't trying to access a feature your license doesn't include, like linking to a database other than SQLite with a Xojo Lite license.

    No -> Sign In to Xojo with the Xojo username and password you used when you purchased. If you can't download your license to the Xojo IDE, go to your license key page at the Xojo website and verify you haven't used all your activations already. Click the 'x" next to a machine to deactivate your license from that machine. This frees up an activation for a new machine. Then, Sign In to the Xojo IDE on the new machine to activate your license there. Make sure to use the same Xojo ID that you used when you purchased. Remember, Xojo Lite licenses allow for 1 activation at a time, Xojo Desktop, Web & iOS licenses allow for 2 and Xojo Pro and Enterprise allow for 3.

    If you have any further trouble or get that error again, please email me at hello@xojo.com and let me know what release you are using and on what platform and I'll look into it further.

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