3rd party add-on explanations

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    Arthur G

    20 Mar 2017 Pre-Release Testers

    Where can I find the information on the XOJO site?
    I am looking for a XOJO explanation of 3 things related to 3rd party stuff. I don't know whether to call it since there are 2 terms - 3rd party or add-ons.
    I tried searching the developer site and couldn't find anything for certain except a video.

    1. What needs to be included and copied into my code? I have the TPSF download and there are several resources besides the module.
    2. How do I know which pieces of this add-on are the items to call?
    3. I'm probably missing something else?
  2. Christian S

    20 Mar 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany

    Each developer is responsible to include a manual.
    So ask the vendor of the item.

  3. Arthur G

    20 Mar 2017 Pre-Release Testers

    I would expect that. My question is more on what is expected by XOJO? Are there guidelines?

  4. Tim P

    20 Mar 2017 Pre-Release Testers, XDC Speakers

    TPSF is self contained and doesn't need anything extra to build your app.
    Documentation for TPSF is in the Notes :)
    (it's mostly just which dir you're looking for)

    Xojo doesn't have guidelines for third-party documentation (that I've seen anyway.)
    We all kind of just do things our own way.

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