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    a user of an app of mine reported that "all at once" the app started crashing when initializing a USB device (Prolific). The app had been working for years, so both user and myself are in the fog. He run the app in Maverick and El Capitan.
    I ask him to restore things via Time Machine, but he never made any backup. He reinstalled the Prolific drivers several times, yet he still reports hard crashes, sometime forcing him to reboot his mac.
    As for me, I run El Capitan, but I don't have the Prolific device, so I don't get any crash.
    Xojo 16 1.1

    I uploaded a mini-project at dropbox, at

    BTW, the source is here below. Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

    1. popupmenu open event:

    Sub Open()
      if system.serialPortCount > 0 then
        for i as Integer = 0 to System.SerialPortCount-1
          me.addrow System.SerialPort(i).name
        me.addrow "No modem"
      end if
      me.ListIndex = 0
    End Sub

    2. popupmenu change event:

    Sub Change()
      Label1.text = ""
      checkPort me.ListIndex
    End Sub

    prefsSerial is a property of the window containing the following code:

    Sub checkPort(idx as integer)
      prefSerial = new Serial
      prefSerial.SerialPort = System.SerialPort(idx)
      //MsgBox "Serial ports: " + str(System.serialPortCount)
      dim foundModem as Boolean
      if prefSerial.Open then
        prefSerial.Baud = 8// 9600 bps
        prefSerial.write "ATI3" + chr(13)
        dim tStart as integer = Ticks
        dim response as string
        dim c as String = "OK"+chr(13)+chr(10)
        do until ticks-tStart > 300 // 5 secs max
          if InStr(prefSerial.LookAhead, c)>0 then
            response = prefSerial.ReadAll
          end if
        //MsgBox "Response 1: " + response
        if InStr(Response, "OK") > 0 or Response <> "" then
          foundModem = true
          dim s as string = "AT&FI6"
          prefSerial.write s + chr(13)
          tStart = Ticks
          do until ticks-tStart > 300 // 5 secs max
            if InStr(prefSerial.LookAhead, c) > 0 then
              response = response + prefSerial.ReadAll
            end if
          //MsgBox "Response 2: " + response
          response = replace(response, "ATI3", "")
          response = replaceAll(response, "OK", "")
          dim a as string = nthField(response, s, 1)
          dim b as string = nthField(response, s, 2)
          dim i as Integer
          for i = 0 to 32
            a = ReplaceAll(a, chr(i),"")
          for i = 0 to 31
            b = ReplaceAll(b, chr(i),"*")
          for i = 0 to 10
            b = ReplaceAll(b, "**","*")
          b = nthField(b, "*", countfields(b,"*")-1)
          label1.text = a + " - " + b
          label1.text = "No response."
        end if
      end if
      if foundModem then
        prefSerial.write "AT&F" + chr(13)
      end if
        MsgBox "Error modem."
    End Sub

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