Programming Humor 2

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  2. 7 months ago

    Emile S

    22 Sep 2017 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    Not fun.

    I meet a recruiter today and she asked me
    “what computer development software are-you using”

    Me: “Xojo”

    Her: “Xo what ?”

    Nota: She is nice and open minded. It was the first time I meet someone like her (in a business environment meeting).

    Back home I’d go to bed and slept for a 4 hours in a Row.

    I told you that it was not fun.

    This conversaton is about fun, so I wrote one for you:

    Two friends are on vacation. One of them is stung by a snake at a place I can not name. The other phone in the emergency room and explains the problem. The emergencies say he must suck the venom to extract it from his friend. He nods and his friend asks him "They said what" and the friend answer: "You are going to die".

    A bit salacious, but that's fun!

  3. Eugene D

    2 Oct 2017 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Canada

    Here is a quote from the famous Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    What I like about deadlines is the lovely whooshing sound they make as they rush past.

  4. 5 months ago

    Tim P

    Nov 7 Pre-Release Testers, XDC Speakers

    If The World Was Created By A Programmer [Comic]

  5. Long time ago when, friend of mine called me to help him and come to his house to reinstall his home PC.

    Since that things are boring and it was Windows 2000 and XP time, everything goes a bit slower then now days.

    Because everything goes slow in process of installing Windows OS, I told friend of mine, who was seating next to me, that if he move his mouse left and right, that installation will goes faster.

    Minute or so after, more or less, he was looking at me, while his right hand goes over computer mouse. He grab mouse and first started to move it left and right slowly and then after couple of seconds he notes that progress bar goes ahead on screen a bit faster. Then he started to move mouse very quickly.

    Of course progress bar was going faster since at that moment device drives wasn't present and installation was skipping them but he was believing that his mouse movements, left and right, are making installation of OS to go faster.

    I was trying to not laughing when I was looking what he is doing with mouse but after let say 5 minutes or so I start to laugh since I wasn't be able to hold any more he he.... his face and reaction was so funny at the moment he he

  6. Ulrich B

    Nov 23 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Germany, Berlin) · xo...

    Another kind of programming humor:
    man replies "gimme gimme gimme" if called without parameters at 0:30 (a man after midnight):

    Stack Exchange thread

  7. Tim P

    Nov 24 Pre-Release Testers, XDC Speakers


  8. 4 months ago

    Ulrich B

    Dec 6 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Germany, Berlin) · xo...

    This is not exactly humor – but a really good read and made me laugh a few times:

    And you learn a lot about other languages, like ArnoldC and Brain*ck. Code example:


    (which is "Hello World" in the latter)

  9. Robin L

    Dec 8 Xojo Inc Europe (Germany, Rehlingen)

    So it's 01:35 and doing a bit of Xojo tinkering (because I can't sleep). Trying to think up a name for a custom Exception class. Here are some I've thought off and some I've seen in the past:

    WTF - obvious
    aBrick - as in thrown
    BeamMeUpScotty - just before something really bad happens
    RedShirt - ditto - watched too many Star Trek episodes :)
    ItBroke- Reason = "" and ErrorNumber = Xojo.Math.Randomint(0, 999); just for the Xojo dev team
    SelfDestructInitiated - Not mine, but I've seen this in code
    SNAFU - ditto
    LZ129 - you're clever, you figure it out :)
    ThanksForAllTheFish - Douglas Adams has a lot to answer for
    SayPlease - obscure NASA reference
    TheEndIsNigh - obivious
    TheFortyFifth - my daughter came up with that one, so don't blame me!
    LetThereBeLight - watch DarkStar
    oPoop - another daughter inspiration

    There have to be more out there ...

  10. Dave S

    Dec 8 San Diego, California USA

    while amusing.... they have no place in serious code.... I once had a developer in a related department that INSISTED on naming scripts and variable after StarWars refererences... He was reprimanded more than once, and finally fired because he didn't understand why Management (not to mention all the other developers) "didn't understand"

  11. Robin L

    Dec 8 Xojo Inc Europe (Germany, Rehlingen)

    Sure - in serious code that is fine. In not serious code - almost everything I do - it is quite acceptable :)

  12. Emile S

    Dec 14 Europe (France, Strasbourg)

    I watch a youtube video and an advertising (for an infamous software) says:

    …download gratis…

  13. Tim P

    Dec 19 Pre-Release Testers, XDC Speakers

    Real winner for interface design here:

  14. Peter J

    is not verified Dec 23 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    Not sure if humour:

  15. Dave S

    Dec 23 San Diego, California USA

    @Peter J Not sure if humour:

    humor? not really
    truth? close, in reality the elapsed time to complete a task is the number of developers squared :)

  16. 3 months ago

    Alwyn B

    Jan 18 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Johannesburg, South Africa


  17. Dave S

    Jan 18 San Diego, California USA

    Syntax Error not so much. NIL EXCEPTION... that is a full blown migraine maker

  18. Albin K

    Jan 19 Europe (Sweden)


  19. José M

    Jan 20 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Spain

    A TCP/IP joke:

  20. Dave S

    Jan 24 San Diego, California USA

    Californians : When you say "Blizzard", we think "Dairy Queen"

  21. 5 weeks ago

    Joost R

    Mar 16 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro The Netherlands


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